About Me

My career has been a series of ups and downs, starting out as a child prodigy, getting involved in religious sectarianism which earned me a life sentence, which I fortuantely were able to circumvent, followed by presitigous academic and diplomatic roles and finally by barely surving being shipwrecked.


Swedish Ambassdor to France

Paris | 1634–1645

  • Appointed directly by Swedish regent Axel Oxelstierna.
  • Helped negotiate a treaty which led to the end of the Thirty Years' War.

Freelance Academic

Mainly working from France | 1621–1631

  • I have three major publications from my time in France.
  • The most well-received publication was On the law of war and peace, published in Parision press in 1625.

Pensionary of Rotterdam

Town Delegation of Rotterdam | 1613-1616

Pensionary is a type of governor role in the Netherlands.

  1. I dealt with issues of the freedom of the seas.
  2. I led a delegation to England in protest of the English actions, who had seized Dutch vessels under the claim that they were trespassing on British sea.
  3. While the protest was unsuccessful, the principles I argued for later became international law.


Latin Elegies

Natural Law


Just Wars



Native Language

  • Hollandish accent


Private Lessons



French Classes

Ecole de Paris | 1621–1623